ACTISAF® is the brand name of the protected live yeast product used in veterinary recommended products such as the Protexin range. Ever seen Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC SC47, or CNCM 1-4407, and/ or 4b1702 on the label of a gut supplement? These are all different ways of labelling the same product – Actisaf. In horses, Actisaf improves microflora balance in the caecum, enhances fibre digestibility, and limits overproduction and accumulation of lactic acid in the caecum. It's categorised as a "digestibility enhancer" for equines under EU regulations and technically classified as a probiotic. It's fully approved for use in Organic systems .

3D cross section of a yeast cell

 The key to Actisaf's effectiveness is the way the live yeast cells are surrounded by a layer of dead cells which protect the live ones from stomach acid. This means that much more of the live yeast survives the acid conditions in the stomach and makes it to the gut where it can work its yeasty magic. It uses up oxygen produced by bad bacteria in the hind gut, alleviates hindgut acidosis, and helps maintain a healthy population of friendly bacteria, reducing your horse's chances of digestive disturbance.



The manufacturers of Actisaf® also make Safmannan® which is a yeast cell wall product with proven immune system and pathogen binding benefits. They are a powerful combination and you'll find Actisaf® and Safmannan® working together for optimum gut health in several of our supplements.


We use Actisaf® in the following products: 

GG BOX RESTORE™ Targeted nutrition for horses on box rest

GG GOOD2GO™ Premium nutrition for support in stressful situations

GG GUT™ GGgreat for your geegee's gut!

GG YEASTY MAGIC™ A healthy gut equals a happy horse!

GG GUT PLUS™ GGgreat for your anxious geegee's gut!

GG GLOWPRO™ Superior shine with added probiotics