K9 GreenBalm for Dogs
Kula had a couple of sore spots on one side of his mouth and lips which we got steroid cream from the vet to treat and initially it helped. Eventually it spread to both sides and we were given more cream to apply. We bathed it every day with salt water too but it just got continuously worse. This whole process took about a year!!

The last time we went to the vet to discuss the problem we were advised to have the folds in his lips stitched which we were not happy to do...Within a couple of days (of using K9GreenBalm™) we could see a huge difference, we eventually cut back on applying it to once every couple of days as it was looking so good and we haven't had to use any in the last 4 months as it has completely cleared up. We still check it regularly and there is no sign of any reoccurrence.

Miracle stuff !!!

J&K Wishart, Moray

"Teddy, my delightful but high-maintenance seventeen-month-old Bernese Mountain dog, developed a scabby patch on the top of his head. Within a few days this erupted into a red, raw area oozing yellow pus. The vet diagnosed weeping dermatitis and prescribed a week of antibiotics and Isaderm gel. After that week, it appeared to be better, but promptly erupted again. A further two weeks of antibiotics and gel did not cure it. Alarmed at the prospect of an operation to cut it out, which felt a bit drastic, I called upon Rhoni's expertise (and I wish I had thought to do so sooner!). She rushed a pot of her K9GreenBalm™ ointment to my aid with instructions to clean and dry the area, then apply balm, twice-daily. Two weeks later, a 10ml pot of K9GreenBalm™ had healed the affected area completely. Thank you, Rhoni!"

Susanna Miller