We follow a fairly rigid "clean green feeding regime" at my yard and have done for a number of years. I have known the founders of Horseward for many years now and when they announced their intent to source these superb ingredients and formulate the products toward the goal of creating what you are reading today, I stuck William to the front of the queue, as Lab Horse.

William is a 20 yr old P/B Trakehner whom I bought 10 years ago and enjoyed as a general riding horse and some endurance up to 40k... I put him out on loan 4yrs ago and as often happens, I now realise, it was a grim experience - particularly for Wills.

When he was finally, after a year, extricated home, the obvious problem was weight and skin issues. The bigger issue became apparent over more time, this being his recurring dermis problems and recurring conjunctivitis and a general lack of lustre and glow. None of these things had ever been a problem prior.

GGGOLDEN POWER™ helped him but he needed a bit more so they came up with more. I like to think that he was the inspiration for the development of GGGOLDEN POWER PLUS™! In two years he has not had a recurrence of any skin issues or conjunctivitis, no joint or weight issues... this summer he went face mask free entirely and doesn't look 20!

I have also started the 19yo Welsh Pony and a 15yo Arab Broodmare on it, preventative reasons for their older age - Timun the Pony is now on Turbo Charge!!

Stuart Henman BHSII, Lords Hill Stud, Norfolk.