"When I got Captain in 2020 he was a rather undernourished 3 year old with some peculiar quirks. I quickly established that he had ulcers, plus a range of other issues with his hind gut. He's since been diagnosed with PSSM2, which requires careful management and a special diet. But thanks to finding a wonderful yard with the right environment for him, plus Horseward’s Gut™ supplement, he's in a much better place (see the before and after pics!). I have used a number of Rhoni's products and she is a my go-to for expert advice on any issues I'm having. I can honestly say that I wouldn't be without Gut™ - it's magic stuff!
I've seen it revive a colicking horse within minutes, and with Captain it's helped to ease a range of symptoms (including right hind lameness from his hind gut issues). His entire attitude improves on it. Two weeks ago, I ran out and I noticed the difference immediately! He was sensitive to the touch, grumpy
and girthy again. But two days back on Gut™ and he was back to normal. Thank you so much Horseward, for providing him with such an effective and all-natural remedy for his tummy troubles!"
Rowen West-Henzell

"I think it has made a real difference. We had moved yards and he was struggling to cope with the grass and had quite a few days of diarrhea. He had improved a bit but his droppings were still not properly formed and didn't smell as they should. Happily he is now back to normal".
Sallyann Wales