"Highly recommend this supplement, it has done wonders for my mare - after years of trying different supplement this is the only one that worked on my girl."

Chanelle Divers, Island of Lewis


"Highly recommend this. Made a huge difference to my mare. Very noticeable when we ran out. After 48 hours of being back on it all is good once again. In fact I love these products sooo much I am using the Box Restore as a general tonic, and the GreenBalm".

Tracy Cherry, Cumbria


"Used this on Faiqah.....she’d had a sinus problem for months and nothing seemed to change or help it. I got some of this to try and hey presto it cleared ! I suddenly realised there was no foul smelling snot outside the door or in the water manger and she definitely felt better because I couldn’t catch her!"

Delyth Gamlin Brown, Derbyshire


"I use this on me! After the second course of Steroids and the third of Antibiotics and still not being "productive", I took a course and a) Got productive and started to shift the fixed Phlegm but even better b) had the side effect of being revved up to face a yard of horses in a never ending Winter!"

Stuart Henman, Norfolk


“SARAN has owned me for eighteen years - I bought him as a five year old. He hadn’t had the best start in life and it was easy to push the wrong buttons but we worked away and developed a real partnership, taught each other so many new things and spent several happy years riding out and enjoying the countryside.


"In 2012 he developed respiratory difficulties and my local vet ultimately referred him to the Dick Vet hospital at Edinburgh University. He was diagnosed with summer pasture associated recurrent airway obstruction (SPA-RAO). He was prescribed medication and inhalers but his condition didn't improve. We
changed his lifestyle, tried steamed hay and then haylage, no improvement. Tried all types of herbal remedies for his condition but all to no avail. I decided to retire him because he was reasonably comfortable at rest but couldn't tolerate the increased respiratory demands of ridden work, even gentle hacking. 

"In summer 2018, after Saran had been retired for almost six years, a friend introduced me to Horseward. After telling Rhoni about Saran, she suggested trying him on Gusto. From then on, each week saw an improvement and he did so well through the winter that I decided to try to start riding him again the following spring. To date, his cough is practically non-existent and he’s happy doing light work at the age of 23! I'm so delighted to be able to enjoy taking him out again after all this time and he certainly doesn't act his age! I call Gusto "Saran's magic powder"!


"P.S. Not only do I have a happy horse but also a husband who is benefitting from Horseward's Golden Power Plus capsules - he too is now happy doing light work!!!"

Ann Taylor, Aberlour