"Highly recommend this supplement, it has done wonders for my mare - after years of trying different supplement this is the only one that worked on my girl."

Chanelle Divers, Island of Lewis


Highly recommend this. Made a huge difference to my mare. Very noticeable when we ran out. After 48 hours of being back on it all is good once again. In fact I love these products sooo much I am using the Box Restore as a general tonic, and the GreenBalm.

Tracy Cherry, Cumbria


Used this on Faiqah.....she’d had a sinus problem for months and nothing seemed to change or help it. I got some of this to try and hey presto it cleared ! I suddenly realised there was no foul smelling snot outside the door or in the water manger and she definitely felt better because I couldn’t catch her!

Delyth Gamlin Brown, Derbyshire


I use this on me! After the second course of Steroids and the third of Antibiotics and still not being "productive", I took a course and a) Got productive and started to shift the fixed Phlegm but even better b) had the side effect of being revved up to face a yard of horses in a never ending Winter!

Stuart Henman, Norfolk