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A Guest Post from Shirley Reid

Sad Betty on sofa


Betty is a very special girl – practically perfect in every way. We rehomed her from the Dogs Trust in 2008 when she was 8 months old. She was special from the word go – demodectic mange a recurrent issue for the first year followed by spotty paws most likely due to atopic dermatitis. Both conditions can be indicative of a suppressed immune system so we’re always exploring ways to keep her healthy. 

Betty meets Lala   

She likes to be a busy girl, loving to run and run. In past years she loved to join me on bike rides (next to the bike, not on – she’s not that talented!) and was a star at agility though she’s retired from both these activities now.  

 Betty on soup cans 

Betty was diagnosed with a heart murmur in 2018 and severe osteoarthritis in both elbows in 2019. For both conditions, it’s important that she stays as active as possible. We use a multi-modal approach for this – raw food, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, home adaptions such as raised food bowl and non-slip rugs, clinical massage and hydrotherapy all play their part.

She's not a keen swimmer but it really works for her. Pam and Fiona are incredibly kind and patient with her at her Highland Hydrotherapy sessions.

Betty gets hydrotherapy

We're lucky to have an excellent Clinical Canine Massage therapist locally and Betty's a favourite there too. She does find it a little stressful but Suzanne is very sensitive and observant and goes at Betty's pace.   


Horseward’s GoldenPowerPlus has been a mainstay for us for some time now and I am confident that it helps to keep Betty on the go and reduces the amount of prescription drugs she needs. 

Happy healthy Betty

YeastyMagic is another Horseward product that I always have in the cupboard – Betty can have a bit of a sensitive tum at times and this settles her almost instantly.


But it’s not just Betty that benefits from Horseward’s products. A highly sceptical Pete was persuaded to try GoldenPowerPlus capsules for a variety of joint issues that have plagued him for many years.  

Pete with Betty and friends  

He’s now a firm convert, spreading the word that these capsules have reduced his use of ibuprofen by about 90%!

I'm delighted to recommend Horseward products to anyone - they've made a real difference to our family.


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Golden Power Plus Dog Product Image
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