GG YEASTY MAGIC™ Gut Balancer. A healthy gut equals a happy horse!

GG YEASTY MAGIC™ Gut Balancer. A healthy gut equals a happy horse!

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GG Yeasty Magic

Help your horse get more out of his forage with GG YeastyMagic

"YeastyMagic has been a game changer for his hind gut".  Paula Vincent 


GG YeastyMagic™ Gut Balancer is a simple combination of two highly technical and mega-effective yeast products, Actisaf­® and Safmannan®.

Actisaf­® is a unique strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is a live yeast which is "protected", specially manufactured to withstand stomach acid and get to where it can work its yeasty magic in the hind gut. It's EU approved as a probiotic.

Safmannan®, the beta glucan-rich yeast cell wall fraction, provides proven immune support and protection against pathogens (bad bacteria) in the gut.

GG YeastyMagic stabilises the gut flora and reduces hind gut acidosis by limiting lactic acid production, so it helps to keep the hind gut within its optimal pH range. It improves fibre digestion so your horse can utilise more nutrition from his forage, reducing the need for supplementary feeding. It's fab!

GG YeastyMagic is an absolute godsend if you have a gutty horse, or a stressy, grumpy horse, or an over-reactive horse, or a horse with stinky poo. Or a thin horse - or a fat horse - or any horse for that matter! GG YeastyMagic will settle gut issues, and maintain a healthy gut, and we believe you'll see positive results within a week.


Based on average 500kg horse.

Feed 20 grams daily for maintenance.

One slightly rounded measure of the enclosed 10ml scoop equals 10 grams.

Split between two dampened feeds if possible.

For stressful situations, after worming, or for very bad bottoms 40 to 60 grams can be fed. In some cases, we have successfully fed up to 100g short-term with good results.


All of our ingredients are human food grade, certified Organic or approved for use in Organic systems. For more information on these ingredients, and why we use them, visit our GG GLOSSARY or click on the links below:


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