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Amazing stuff...AMAZING!!

Delyth Gamlin Brown, Derbyshire

The VERY best for humans, equines and dogs!

Judith Evans, Auchmillan Arabians

"I couldn't believe the results!"

Lesley Beaton, Moray

Blog posts

Peter's Laminitis Journey - A Guest Blog by Judith Evans

Peter's Laminitis Journey - A Guest Blog by Judith Evans

The story of one horse's carefully managed road back to health
Betty sits on top of a beagle statue

Betty's Blog

Betty is a very special girl – practically perfect in every way. We rehomed her from the Dogs Trust in 2008 when she was 8 months old.
The Era of Equine Metabolic Meltdown

The Era of Equine Metabolic Meltdown

One of the biggest problems faced by modern horse owners is metabolic compromise leading to a constant "battle of the bulge". A complex combination of factors has brought the leisure horse population to nothing short of a crisis. 

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By definition an ADAPTOGEN is a natural, non-toxic substance that promotes or restores normal physiological function. Our favourite is ASTRAGALUS.

BOSWELLIA SERRATA is proven in Western research as a safe and exceptionally effective anti-inflammatory and antiarthritic. 

Nourishment for the Aztecs and Astronauts alike, is SPIRULINA the world's most nutrient-dense food?