"I have an ex-racehorse that I've been rehabbing with kissing spine. He also has a very very sensitive stomach (colics often) and previously had ulcers. About 3 weeks ago, he got a very bad stomach because of the unusual situation at the moment with grass growth so I put him on Good2Go. Within a couple of days he was so much better and continued to improve. I then ordered some more but saw the product GutPlus™, which I thought might suit him even better so I messaged Horseward to see if I could exchange. They were absolutely brilliant, even giving me the product for the same price which was very kind of them. So he has been on GutPlus™ for 3 days and omg what a huge difference! I went for a showjumping lesson last night and for the first time jumped a full course with no rearing, bounding on the spot, galloping at jumps with no control. He was like a different horse, even trotting into jumps (which is unheard of). Needless to say I had to get off and cried like a baby (it's been a very hard long journey!)
Thank you so much and I'd advise anyone to try this product because I've tried everything in the 4 years with this horse and I mean everything and nothing has come close. We're on an up whoop whoop!"
Amanda Burn, West Yorkshire


"This supplement is amazing for any horse who has a sensitive tummy, has ulcers or had ulcers etc. Helped my mare out so much she’s no longer sensitive with me touching under her tummy or around her flanks, she’s not as moody, a lot happier with me on board and no face pulling when I apply my leg or ask her to move forward and the shooting off when I first get on has all stopped! I highly recommend this for any horse who has tummy troubles!"
Carrie Giles


“I recently bought back a 7yo palomino Partbred Arab. I previously owned him from a weanling until I sold him at four years old, so when he came home again I noticed a few health issues straight away. “My main points of concern were his front left fetlock and both hocks. I also know he had been treated for

ulcers, had ongoing back issues and long term NSAID use.

“I contacted Rhoni at Horseward who was extremely helpful. She recommended GutPlus™ and GoldenPowerPlus™ as a combination that already has a good track record at helping horses with musculo-skeletal issues and (probably pain related!) gastric ulcers. The products arrived promptly and after just a couple of days I was already noticing changes in the front fetlock!! 

“A few days later however the back fetlocks started to swell. I was confident it wasn't due to infection or injury so I contacted Rhoni again, as it coincided with the introduction of the Horseward supplements. Again Rhoni was extremely helpful and suspected that the supplements were tackling his systemic inflammation and he was starting to detox. This was putting extra demands on his liver and causing his lymph system to struggle. She assured me that this was probably a really promising sign and immediately sent me out a lymph/ liver support mix. To my amazement, after only 3 doses the swelling in the hind fetlocks has cleared!!

“I prefer the natural route with both my dogs and horses, but I have never been so convinced by a product in all my life! I cannot thank Rhoni enough for all her help and advice and for her products giving my boy the best chance of recovery!”

Kath B

“My horse Fuego has always struggled with bloating and faecal water. The bloating and stomach discomfort has contributed to hind limb lameness and significant issues with movement and posture. I have tried many different things over the years but nothing has really helped. Until I tried a combination of products from Horseward, after a lot of help from Rhoni.


“On a combination of GutPlus™ and GoldenPowerPlus™, Fuego no longer looks permanently pregnant, he is much happier to be ridden, is sounder and generally much happier. Thank you so much!”

Kate Sandel