"Both ponies are doing great on your MetaMix™, thank you!"
Hayley Andrews


"Hi Horseward, just a note to let you know that your MetaMix™ supplement worked wonders for my pony Jigsaw. Early spring I wasn’t particularly happy with how he was in himself, nothing I could really put my finger on but he seemed a bit dour. He wasn’t anything like as active in the field, he's usually getting into all sorts of mischief but he was standing around much more than usual. He hadn't been in work over the winter but he wasn’t particularly overweight. He wasn't footy, far less lame, but he had just had his feet done and my trimmer told me there was significant white line stretching and redness in both his front feet so I was really worried that he was at risk of laminitis and the grass hadn't even started to come through yet!

"When I contacted you, you suggested I put him on MetaMix™ for a month. I noticed after only a few days on the supplement that his mood had lifted significantly, he was back to being the 'Cheeky Monkey' we all know and love. He was back to being very vocal and cantering down the field when he spotted me on the yard. His coat was absolutely gleaming and he had lost a bit of weight. I thought I could just about see his feet growing before my eyes! 

"On his next trim the trimmer said his feet were much better, with a reduction in the stretching. His feet were trimmed again two days ago and she was really pleased with his feet. She trimmed away the last of the redness and said that the stretching was gone completely. She said his feet were looking great. He was out at grass the whole time with no change in his routine so I have to give credit to the MetaMix™! Horseward to the rescue once again. Thank you so very much. I'll certainly be back if I have any concerns in the future."

Lesley Beaton