"My wee Arab mare is extremely thin skinned, and prone, it would seem, to all manner of skin complaints during spring and summer months. She arrived with areas of depigmentation around her mouth which are presumably the result of previous problems.




"After trying various products on her with no significant improvements, I tried a pot of GG GREEN BALM™ for horses on what I thought was an allergic reaction or contact dermatitis type thing on her muzzle. I have to say it worked like a charm, within days the reaction had near all disappeared...




"A few weeks later after riding for several days in warm sweaty weather, despite re-tree and professional fit of my old dressage saddle plus use of merino sleeves and greasing of elbows, she was developing quite bad girth rubs on her particularly thin skinned wrinkly elbow area, so decided to give the new ointment another shot to see what it made of these... did nothing but bathe the area in warm water to remove scabs, dried, then applied ointment twice daily.... Again, fab results...All the scabs cleared and healing over beautifully within the week, and 10 days later not only completely gone but significant hair regrowth! The skin looks really healthy now too. Just loving this ointment and it smells good enough to eat! Fabulous... will be keeping this as my go to ointment - Thank you!"


RW, Biggar.