I fostered Scout from a pound. He was about two years old, a giant mixed breed, looks like he might be Bull Mastiff x Boxer or Rottie. I fell in love with him immediately and he became one of the family – so much for temporary fostering!

Very soon after he arrived I realised that Scouty was very, very stiff if he had been lying down for any length of time, especially in the morning. Getting out of his bed seemed such an effort for such a young dog. After doing some research I became even more concerned when I read that large breeds can be prone to joint problems if they haven't been managed properly when they're growing.

I have known the founders of Horseward for many years and one day when visiting I mentioned my concerns about Scouty and they gave me some GG GOLDEN POWER PLUS DOG™ to put in his dinner.

Within a week I was noticing a huge difference in Scouty's movement. He was getting out of bed with no stiffness. He was much more active on walks, enjoying chasing his ball and swimming. His coat was gleaming. I couldn't believe the results. I still give him his teaspoon of GG GOLDEN POWER POWER PLUS™ every day.

My other 2 dogs, Frankie and Holly, are getting a bit older, they're both 9. Though they're pretty active for their age I decided to start them both on a quarter of a teaspoon of GG GOLDEN POWER PLUS DOG™ every day just to help their joints as they age. They are both noticeably more active and their coats are gleaming.

I am very impressed! I'll continue to feed it to all 3 of my dogs and on occasions have been tempted to have some myself! I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

Lesley Beaton, Moray.

Tempted she was, after many years working as a gas engineer, when the wear and tear on her knees became really troublesome. Lesley started taking GG GOLDEN POWER PLUS ™ capsules and you can read about how she got on  here.


"Horseward’s Golden Power Plus been a mainstay for us for some time now and I am confident that it helps to keep Betty on the go and reduces the amount of prescription drugs she needs".

Shirley Reid, Ardgye