GG GUTPLUS™ GGgreat for your anxious geegee's gut!

GG GUTPLUS™ GGgreat for your anxious geegee's gut!

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GutPlusis a unique digestive conditioning and calming supplement created with the finest certified Organic ingredients. It combines the ingredients found in GG Gut with gentle and effective, certified Organic calming and stress-modulating herbs to give maximum gut support to stressy and spooky horses.

"I've tried everything in the 4 years with this horse and I mean everything and nothing has come close to GutPlus". Amanda Burn

"I highly recommend GutPlus for any horse who has tummy troubles!" Carrie Giles

60gm can be fed twice a day as a loading amount, or during periods of stress, or for horses with known or suspected gut issues. GG GutPluscan be fed at half or even quarter of this rate once improvement is seen. Adjust as necessary to find your individual horse's optimum requirement.


GG Great for your anxious geegee's gut!


Based on average 500kg horse. A level 50ml scoop (enclosed) holds approximately 30 grams of GG GutPlus:


  • For horses showing obvious symptoms of digestive discomfort, feed up to 120 grams a day until comfort levels improve
  • Split between 2 to 4 small dampened feeds if possible
  • As improvement is observed, reduce amount fed to 60 grams daily, ideally split into two feeds
  • 30 grams a day may be fed to horses who are considered candidates for digestive disturbance or simply as an excellent gastro-intestinal conditioner
  • For best results use GG GutPlusalongside an ad lib forage, high fibre, minimally processed, unmolassed feed regime


  • If the amount of GG GutPlus required to maintain gut comfort has an overly calming effect, contact us for a bespoke formula.



All of our ingredients are human food grade, certified Organic or approved for use in Organic systems. For more information on these ingredients, and why we use them, visit our GG GLOSSARY or click on the links below:


Seabuckthorn Berry

Gotu Kola

Lemon Balm


Gluten Free Oat Bran








Natural Vitamin E

Vitamin B12