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With 28% mucilaginous fibre and 22% protein (including good levels of the essential amino acids lysine and tryptophan), and 8% oil content with a good helping of Omega 3, it's perhaps unsurprising that fenugreek seeds have a great reputation for adding condition. Horses find them exceptionally palatable and they are therefore a very useful addition for fussy feeders and hard keepers.

In a 2002 study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, an aqueous extract and a gel fraction isolated from fenugreek seeds showed significant ulcer-protective effects when used to treatrats with ethanol-induced gastric ulcer. The study found that the soluble gel fraction was more effective than omeprazole in preventing lesion formation.

Fenugreek seeds were considered medicinally important by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans and were adopted into Chinese herbal medicine more recently (a mere thousand years ago!) They were used to treat a range of conditions as diverse as bronchitis, gastritis, arthritis and diabetes.

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