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Oat Bran


OAT BRAN Most of the benefits of oat grain are concentrated in the bran – a case of a "byproduct" being more useful than the whole, with most of the starch in the grain having been removed in the milling process. There is a tendency to think of oat bran as "roughage to keep you regular" but it has a lot more to it than that! The soluble fibre, beta glucan, is a great digestive aid and forms a mucilage which has a protective effect on the gut wall.  Avenanthramides, antipathogenic compounds unique to oats that were only isolated and identified in the 1980s, have been found to have significant antioxidant activity. Oat oil supplies a decent amout of the essential fatty acid Omega 6 and combined with our organic stabilised linseed creates an omega 6:omega 3 balance equivalent to that found in grasses. The ideal ratio has not been established but it is reasonable to assume that the ratio found in the horse's natural forage diet is a good guide. Our oat bran is, of course, certified organic. It  has a beta-glucan content of 4.9% and 8.3% crude oat oil. As good as it gets!


We use organic Oat Bran in the following products: 

GG BOX RESTORE™ Targeted nutrition for horses on box rest

GG GUT™ GGgreat for your geegee's gut!

GG GUT PLUS™ GGgreat for your anxious geegee's gut!

GG GLOW™ Gives your horse a lot more than a surface gloss 

GG GLOWPRO™ Superior shine with added probiotics