GG GLOWPRO™ Superior shine with added probiotics

GG GLOWPRO™ Superior shine with added probiotics

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GG GlowPro contains all of the oil-rich certified Organic ingredients found in Horseward's GG Glowwith an added digestive and conditioning boost provided by two specialised yeast products, Actisaf® and Safmannan®These offer exceptional pre- and probiotic performance with proven immune enhancement properties and are fully approved for use in Organic systems.

Feed just 60gms a day for superb condition up to 300gms for maximum weight gain.

GG GLOWPRO has all of the benefits of GG GLOW and produces the same outstanding shine but, with the addition of state-of-the-art pre- and probiotic yeast products, it also functions as an exceptional gut balancer. Beauty is not just skin deep if you GG GLOW with the PRO!



GG GLOW™ is a unique conditioning supplement, a combination of four high-oil, certified Organic wholefood powders. More information about the individual ingredients, their oil content and their nutritional benefits can be found here.


What puts the PRO into GG GLOWPRO™ is the addition of two outstanding yeast products:

  • Actisaf® is a unique probiotic, a protected live yeast. The live yeast is coated in a  layer of inactive yeast cells to ensure that the majority of the live yeast is not killed by the acid in the stomach. Therefore more of it reaches the hind gut alive, where it can do its job. Although probiotics are generally live bacteria, Actisaf is so effective that it is technically accepted as a probiotic in EU legislation.
  • Safmannan® is a yeast cell wall fraction, rich in beta-glucans which has a proven positive impact on the immune system.

GG GLOWPRO™ is easy to feed with no oily mess and no fillers.


Based on average 500kg horse. A slightly rounded 60ml scoop (enclosed) holds 30 grams of GG GLOWPRO:

  • Introduce gradually over several days
  • Simply mix into dampened feed
  • Split daily amount into several feeds if possible
  • Just 60 grams a day will achieve superior shine and digestive comfort
  • Feed up to 300 grams a day for superb condition and weight gain


All of our ingredients are human food grade, certified Organic or approved for use in Organic systems. For more information on these ingredients, and why we use them, visit our GG GLOSSARY or click on the links below:

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