GG GLOW™ Gives your horse a lot more than a surface gloss

GG GLOW™ Gives your horse a lot more than a surface gloss

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Highest quality certified Organic ingredients provide your horse with a banquet of beneficial fats and oils in a minimally processed wholefood powder. If you're looking for a conditioning supplement for a super shine, from the inside out - go for the GG Glow!

Feed from 30g for superb condition and shine up to a maximum of 400g a day for ultra weight gain.

It's something of a myth that a shiny horse is a healthy horse. Yes, a dull staring coat is a clear sign that something's not right. But many horses will display a lovely shine if you give them a glug of bog standard grease-in-a-bottle every day. Whether it's actually doing them any good is another matter!

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GG GLOW™ is a unique conditioning supplement. It is a combination of four certified Organic wholefood oil-rich powders:

    • whole ground seabuckthorn berry with its unique profile of omega oils
    • stabilised milled linseed for excellent levels of Omega 3
    • pure high-oil coconut milk powder (NOT processed powdered oil)
    • oat bran with a beta-glucan content of 4.9% and 8.3% crude oat oil

      All together they are not only extremely palatable for the fussiest feeder but also provide a wide range of antioxidants and bioactive phytonutrients, over and above the unique combination of oils they deliver. 

      GG GLOW™ is easy to feed with no oily mess and no fillers.

      50gm of GG GLOW™ a day will promote wonderful coat condition and general bloom. For weight gain increase the daily amount gradually until increased condition is being observed. Maintain feeding level until desired condition is reached and then reduce by 50% for maintenance. If you are feeding specifically for weight gain, Horseward's GG GLOWPRO™  offers the GG GLOW™ formula with generous levels of probiotics.


       Based on average 500kg horse. A level 60ml scoop (enclosed) holds 25 grams of GG GLOWPRO:
      • Introduce gradually over several days
      • Simply mix into dampened feed
      • Split daily amount into several feeds if possible
      • Just 50 grams a day for super shine
      • Feed from 100 up to 400 grams a day for superb condition and weight gain


      All of our ingredients are human food grade, certified Organic or approved for use in Organic systems. For more information on these ingredients, and why we use them, visit our GG GLOSSARY or click on the links below:


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