GG GOOD2GO™ Premium nutrition for support in stressful situations

GG GOOD2GO™ Premium nutrition for support in stressful situations

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Highly effective nutrition for stressy horses or horses facing stressful situations such as travelling, competing or relocating. GG Good2Go™ combines gently calming herbs with demulcents to line and soothe the digestive tract and state-of-the-art yeast products which have been proven to reduce hind gut acidosis and boost the immune system.

We have also found that GG Good2Go™ is a very useful supplement for horses who internalise stress or manifest it as depression (eg after a bereavement) or grumpiness.

No side effects, no sedation - you're GG Good2Go! 


Feed at a rate of 10gms per 100kg bodyweight (e.g. an average 500kg horse should receive 50gms a day). A level 50ml scoop (enclosed) holds 25gms

    • Introduce gradually over several days
    • Split between two feeds if possible
    • Dose may be doubled in the run up to stressful event
    • May be fed at half daily rate for ongoing support


      All of our ingredients are certified Organic, human food grade or approved for use in organic systems. For more information on these ingredients, and why we use them, visit our GG GLOSSARY or click on the links below:

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