GG LAMIN8™ Super help for laminitics

GG LAMIN8™ Super help for laminitics

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GG Lamin8 Star Ellipse

Laminitis is all too often regarded and treated solely as a foot problem. At Horseward we regard it as a whole system inflammation that manifests itself most obviously as pain in the feet. By far the most successful outcomes come from incorporating targetted nutrition for systemic support and the modulation of the inflammatory response. Unfortunately, the tendency to crash-diet the patient, alongside a reliance on commonly used pain relief drugs (NSAIDs such as bute) compromises gut function, which in turn exacerbates systemic inflammation. Lamin8 is a combination of certified organic ingredients selected to support both the gut and peripheral vascular circulation, while also adding additional diversity to the diet - so important to gut health and therefore general wellbeing.  


Feed 40g twice a day during acute episodes,

reducing to 40g a day for maintenance.



GG Lamin8™ contains eight minimally processed organic ingredients which in combination provide a wide range of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals and bioactive phytonutrients designed to support peripheral blood supply, modulate systemic function and maintain a healthy gut.

GG Lamin8 is palatable and generally well accepted when fed as directed. 


Based on average 500kg horse. A rounded measure of the enclosed 30ml scoop holds approximately 20 grams of GG Lamin8™ :
  • Feed 80g a day during acute phase
  • Feed 40g a day during convalescence and for maintenance
  • Simply mix into dampened feed, ideally soaked hay cobs or low NSC grass nuts with a diversity of grasses and herbage
  • Split daily amount into several feeds if possible.
  • The daily amount can be added to trickle fed soaked hay cobs being used as a partial hay replacer in a calorie-controlled diet


 For more information on these ingredients, and why we use them, visit our GG GLOSSARY or click on the links below:

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