GG GOLDEN POWER PLUS™ Turbo-charged turmeric supplement!

GG GOLDEN POWER PLUS™ Turbo-charged turmeric supplement!

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"The Black Pearl has benefitted from the magic of Horseward’s Golden Power Plus, to the extent that she can now bend and flex her hind legs in a way that her x-rays would say could never be possible again".

Julie, Aberdeenshire. 

GoldenPowerPlus™ is an exceptionally effective combination of certified Organic herbs and extracts designed to target inflammation, relieve stiffness and aid recovery.   

"I used this on my 23 year old cob after him going noticeably stiff following the weather change - what can I say! It is awesome, my super happy jumping cob is back regardless of the weather!"

Rebecca, Crewe.

Superb results from only 20gms a day.


Based on average 500kg horse. The enclosed 20ml scoop at level fill contains approximately 10gms of GG GoldenPowerPlus:

20ml Long Handled Scoop

  • Introduce gradually over several days

  • Simply mix into dampened feed

  • Split daily amount between two feeds if possible

  • Feed from 20gms a day for maintenance

  • Up to 60gms a day for horses in strenuous work or with existing issues

    We also sell GoldenPowerPlus for Dogs and if you suffer from aches and pains yourself why not try our GoldenPowerPlus Capsules™?


    All of our ingredients are human food grade, certified Organic or approved for use in Organic systems. For more information on these ingredients, and why we use them, visit our GG GLOSSARY or click on the links below:


    Uncaria Tomentosa

    Boswellia Serrata





    Natural Vitamin E


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