BROMELAIN is an enzyme derived from pineapple stems. We use Bromelain to increase the absorption of the active anti-inflammatory ingredients in our organic turmeric supplements GG Golden Power™ and GG Golden Power Plus™. In our experience black pepper, generally used to increase the bioavailability of curcumin - one of the main active components of turmeric - can occasionally cause or exacerbate digestive upset. Bromelain has the same positive effects on the bioavailability of the bioactive components - but it actually assists digestion too. It is also a proven anti-inflammatory in its own right. The enzymatic activity or strength of bromelain supplements is measured in GDU (which stands for Gelatin Digesting Units). The Bromelain we use is highly potent, 2500 GDU per gram. It is not possible currently to source Organic Bromelain but we feel that it is too useful in this context to set aside until an Organic version becomes available, so for now we are using the purest human food grade version that we could find.


We use BROMELAIN in the following products:

 GG GOLDEN POWER PLUS™ Turbo-charged turmeric supplement!

 GG GOLDEN POWER PLUS™ CAPSULES Turbo-charged turmeric supplement!

GG GOLDEN POWER™ High strength turmeric supplement, ready to feed

 GG GOLDEN POWER™ CAPSULES Turmeric supplement!

GG GUSTO™ Nutritional support for the respiratory system