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 Red Beetroot

Horseward's certified Organic Beetroot is the red vegetable beet, not sugar beet, a relative which is  processed to make sugar and further processed to create beet pulp.

"Based on the available data, beetroot appears to be a powerful dietary source of health promoting agents that holds potential as therapeutic treatment for several pathological disorders. The powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and vascular-protective effects offered by beetroot and its constituents have been clearly demonstrated by several in vitro and in vivo human and animal studies"

(National Center for Biotechnology Information review).
Most horses find beetroot highly palatable.

Red Beetroot

We use certified Organic Beetroot pieces in the following products: 

GG BOX RESTORE™ Targeted nutrition for horses on box rest

GG GUT PLUS™ GGgreat for your anxious geegee's gut!

GG GUT™ GGgreat for your geegee's gut!