GG Golden Power Plus.....stallion is on it, dog is on it, old ponies are on it and I’m on it !! I can get up off the floor unaided !! I’m walking the dogs for longer and further, I can pick up my own horse feed again....ridiculous things but all things I haven’t been able to do for ages !!!!! I feel so much better. I can’t recommend this stuff enough. My aches which were similar to sciatica are all but gone, I sleep like a log, my hot flushes aren’t as aggressive and because I can do more again I have lost 9lbs now...I feel so much better !!! Amazing stuff....amazing! (DGB,Derbyshire)

I can't believe how different I feel. I have way more energy and the pain in my ankle joints I had each morning I got out of bed has gone!! ... I've found that my legs aren't hot in bed at night now or restless and the hot flushes have almost disappeared. All this within a week!! (Mrs Jayne Edge, Tweedsmuir)

I have used GG Golden Power on my Dogs with amazing results... Although GG Golden Power & GG Golden Power Plus are sold to help animals all the ingredients are human food approved..... I was in so much pain with meniscal tears in my knee that every step I took hurt. So I bought a capsule maker and made my own GG Golden Power Plus capsules. Within a few days of taking them I was pain free and sound. (Lesley Beaton, Moray)

I am on 4 capsules a day, 2 in the morning, and 2 with my evening meal - and I am a new person! So much pain has disappeared, and I can see visible outward evidence as my hands and wrists are no longer anything like as swollen. I am moving more freely, and I feel so much more positive about my future. No side effects at all, apart from some growling in my gut, presumably as it begins to recover.... I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge....I am happy to fully endorse the capsules! I did go down to 3 a day, but it didn't suit - so I am back on 4, 2 in the morning and 2 with evening meal, and that seems to work fine. Still struggling, more with muscular issues and old injuries, I think because I am physically more active thanks to being in less constant pain - I am horribly unfit! Gut is working better than it has done for years! Sleep has improved, I am sleeping deeper, and for longer without waking. All in all, I cannot in all sincerity thank you enough - you have made a significant improvement to my quality of life, no doubt about it! (Christine Ross, Lossiemouth)

I was diagnosed (by Xray) with progressive Arthritis in my shoulder joint last year. I started to take GG Golden Power Plus, having had real results with an older horse long before it came to be readily available. All Human grade so worth a try? I started to take one capsule, once daily and built up to two twice daily, then adjusted to one twice a day - this level works for me. Physio appointment has gone from once a fortnight to once a month, I go again next week (first in 6 weeks!) I take 3-5 days 'off' ' each month, so as to never plateau, and this way I know that it isn't a placebo. When start to 'feel' the joint again, within 3-5 days, I start back with the capsules! (Stuart Henman, Norfolk)

Stuart is a long-standing associate of Horseward and has been a great assistance in trialling our products. Before he started taking the GPP himself, he sent us the following testimonial about his lovely Trakehner gelding:



We follow a fairly rigid "clean green feeding regime" at my yard and have done for a number of years. I have known the founders of Horseward for many years now and when they announced their intent to source these superb ingredients and formulate the products toward the goal of creating what you are reading today, I stuck William to the front of the queue, as Lab Horse.

William is a 20 yr old P/B Trakehner whom I bought 10 years ago and enjoyed as a general riding horse and some endurance up to 40k... I put him out on loan 4yrs ago and as often happens, I now realise, it was a grim experience - particularly for Wills.

When he was finally, after a year, extricated home, the obvious problem was weight and skin issues. The bigger issue became apparent over more time, this being his recurring dermis problems and recurring conjunctivitis and a general lack of lustre and glow. None of these things had ever been a problem prior.

GGGOLDEN POWER™ helped him but he needed a bit more so they came up with more. I like to think that he was the inspiration for the development of GGGOLDEN POWER PLUS™! In two years he has not had a recurrence of any skin issues or conjunctivitis, no joint or weight issues... this summer he went face mask free entirely and doesn't look 20!


I have also started the 19yo Welsh Pony and a 15yo Arab Broodmare on it, preventative reasons for their older age - Timun the Pony is now on Turbo Charge!!

Stuart Henman BHSII, Lords Hill Stud, Norfolk.



I fostered Scout from a pound. He was about two years old, a giant mixed breed, looks like he might be Bull Mastiff x Boxer or Rottie. I fell in love with him immediately and he became one of the family – so much for temporary fostering!


Very soon after he arrived I realised that Scouty was very, very stiff if he had been lying down for any length of time, especially in the morning. Getting out of his bed seemed such an effort for such a young dog. After doing some research I became even more concerned when I read that large breeds can be prone to joint problems if they haven't been managed properly when they're growing.

I have known the founders of Horseward for many years and one day when visiting I mentioned my concerns about Scouty and they gave me some GGGOLDEN POWER™ to put in his dinner.

Within a week I was noticing a huge difference in Scouty's movement. He was getting out of bed with no stiffness. He was much more active on walks, enjoying chasing his ball and swimming. His coat was gleaming. I couldn't believe the results. I still give him his teaspoon of GGGOLDEN POWER™ every day.

My other 2 dogs, Frankie and Holly, are getting a bit older, they're both 9. Though they're pretty active for their age I decided to start them both on a quarter of a teaspoon of GGGOLDEN POWER™ every day just to help their joints as they age. They are both noticeably more active and their coats are gleaming.


I am very impressed! I'll continue to feed it to all 3 of my dogs and on occasions have been tempted to have some myself! I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

Lesley Beaton, Moray.


My wee Arab mare is extremely thin skinned, and prone, it would seem, to all manner of skin complaints during spring and summer months. She arrived with areas of depigmentation around her mouth which are presumably the result of previous problems.




After trying various products on her with no significant improvements, I tried a pot of GGGREEN BALM™ for horses on what I thought was an allergic reaction or contact dermatitis type thing on her muzzle. 

Well I have to say it worked like a charm, within days the reaction had near all disappeared...



A few weeks later after riding for several days in warm sweaty weather, despite re-tree and professional fit of my old dressage saddle plus use of merino sleeves and greasing of elbows, she was developing quite bad girth rubs on her particularly thin skinned wrinkly elbow area, so decided to give the new ointment another shot to see what it made of these... did nothing but bathe the area in warm water to remove scabs, dried, then applied ointment twice daily.... Again, fab results...All the scabs cleared and healing over beautifully within the week, and 10 days later not only completely gone but significant hair regrowth! The skin looks really healthy now too. Just loving this ointment and it smells good enough to eat! Fabulous... will be keeping this as my go to ointment - Thank you!


Rosie Wallace, Lanarkshire.