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OF&G LogoCertified Organic 100% Aloe Vera powder, meticulously prepared from the filleted inner leaf gel and gently air dried to maintain the integrity of the nutrients. This powder is 200:1 concentration, meaning that one gram of powder is equivalent to 200ml of Aloe Vera gel or juice but, unlike them, it doesn't need preservatives.

Add one gram of powder to 200ml of water to make fresh juice if required, or simply add the desired amount of powder to a dampened feed. Suggested feeding rate (500kg horse) 1-2 scoops a day (2 - 4g).

The enclosed scoop at level fill contains 2g of Aloe Vera Powder at the smaller end and 4g at the larger end.

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We use organic Aloe Vera in GG GreenBalm™ which soothes sore and scabby skin.